Club History

The Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States

Written by Al Pertuit,
from published notes by John T.  Marvin
and from AKC’s The Complete Dog

j0115864 In the 1940’s, many Wire Fox Terrier breeders felt that the Wire variety of fox terrier was at its lowest level of prominence since its introduction to America in 1883.  They, rightly or wrongly, believed that the low esteem of the Wire variety was the result of it no longer being accorded its full measure of importance by The American FoxTerrier Club (AFTC),its parent club (est. 1885).  They also felt that their attempts to persuade AFTC to rectify the situation had been resisted by them.In 1944, they loosely established “The Wire Fox Terrier Club,”and it had over 100 members by year’s end, including W.L. Lewis(president pro-tem), Elizabeth and Tom Carruthers III, Thomas Keator, Mrs.R.C. Bondy, Mrs. Leonard Smit, Mrs. Paul Silvernail,Mrs. E.A. Kraft, and Robert Neff.  This “club” held it first meeting that yearat the Philadelphia Kennel Club Show, and the following year “The Wire Fox Terrier Club (Atlantic Coast and Midwest)” was established at its first annual meeting at the Westminster Kennel Club Show.There, a permanent board was selected from the membership, and they elected the first officers: Mrs. T.H. Carruthers III, President; W.L.Lewis, First Vice-Pres.; C. Douglas Wilson, Second Vice-Pres.; and,Leonard J. Schweitzwe, Secy.-Treas.

  The Club held its first show in Chicago on October 18, 1946, with  Judge  T.H.Carruthers III giving the nod to Ch. Wynwyre’s Pamela from an entry of  78 Wires from all parts of the U.S.  The Show catalog included pedigrees, photographs of most of thewinners, and an advertising section, a format which remains today.In 1947, AFTC, with the backing of The American Kennel Club, refused to allow The Wire Fox Terrier Club (Atlantic and Midwest) to have its Specialty, citing the territory that the Club was claiming as too broad.  Consequently, the Club became “The Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States” and held it next show on June 12, 1948, in Elkhart, IN, with Judge George Hartman proclaiming Ch. Radar of Wildoaks as Best Wire Fox Terrier from an entry of 104.

  The Wire Fox Terrier of the Central States’ first newsletter was begun in 1949 with George Skelly its editor.

  The 1949 show was held in Chicago; the 1950 show in South Bend, IN; and, the 1950-51 shows in Columbus, OH.  Beginning in 1953, the Specialties were held in Glendale OH, at the Lyceum.  With the passing of Mrs. Carruthers, the Specialties from 1986 until the present have been in Sharonville, OH.

  In 1951, the Club was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York.

  In 1978, the Club’s Halls of Fame first appeared in the Specialty Catalog for:  “Outstanding Contributions,” for “Thirty Years Continuous Membership,”and for “Breeders” who have bred 15 AKC conformation champions.The Club established The Dr. Frank R. Booth Distinguished Service Award in 1980 for meritorious service by “a person who has contributed to the Fox Terrier in general, and the Wire Club in particular, with the fastness and purpose of Dr. Booth.”  Note:  On June 1, 1985, the two coats of fox terriers had become two breeds, Smooth Fox Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers.

  Beginning in 1982, Show Records appeared in the Specialty Catalog, followed later by Officer’s Records(1986) and Futurity and Sweepstakes Records (1994).  Best of Opposite Sex was added in Sweepstakes in 1990 and The Award of Merit in regular classes was begun in 1995.

  In 1993, the Club revised its
Constitution and By-Laws.

  The Club held its 50th Specialty Show in Sharonville, OH, on May 11, 1996.  Judge Ric Chashoudian named Ch. Albany Spellbinder to be Best of Breed of 105 entries.

  Over the years the Club has stressed the importance of Wire breeders and American bred Wires, offering trophies for dogs that have finished with all their conformation championship points from the American Bred or all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Classes.

  Today, The American Fox Terrier Club truly promotes both Breeds equally.It should be noted that the Smooth Fox Terrier has no AKC officially recognized club similar to The Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States.

  In the U.S. The Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States remains the only club dedicated solely to THE WIRE FOX TERRIER.


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