The Central States Futurity


What is the Futurity?

The Futurity is a breeder’s classic for members of the Wire Fox Terriers Club of the Central States and is comparable to the Kentucky Derby for breeders of top running horses. The word ‘futurity’ implies looking into the future. In the case of the WFTCCS this means a conscientious attempt to ensure future excellence in the breed. Much time and effort has been expended in the past toward the development of the breed as we know it today; the Futurity Program is a means for recognizing the efforts of sincere breeders for continued improvement.

‘Futurity’ can also imply a challenge or a gamble on the future. As a breeder selects a certain Bitch to be bred to a certain Stud, he or she is expressing an opinion that this breeding will produce offspring of desired conformation and character, offspring that will win in competition over the offspring of other breedingsthat are enrolled in the Futurity Program.

How Does The Futurity Work?

To back up this faith in his/her own judgment, the breeder pays money into a fund that will be divided among the winners of the Futurity. The prize fund for each year’s winning Futurity competitors will be comprised of:

1. Monies from nominated Bitches (Litters) and Stud Dogs.

2. Monies from individually nominated puppies from these eligible litters

3. Monies from entry fees paid for the specialty futurity entries. (AKC requires that each entry in an AKC show be on an official entry form complete with disclaimers.)

What Determines Eligibility?

The Futurity is open to all AKC registered and AKC recognized foreign registered Wire Fox Terriers.

A DAM may be nominated after the Bitch is bred and before the litter is whelped. Only the breeder of record may nominate a Dam. This nomination constitutes a ‘litter nomination’ and makes all puppies in that litter eligible for individual nomination, provided the Sire has also been nominated. The DAM nomination fee is $20.00

A Bitch/Litter Nomination – see DAM nomination, above.

A SIRE of a nominated litter may be nominated for the year the pups are eligible. Fee: $20.00 

An INDIVIDUAL PUPPY can be nominated at any time, but only if its Dam and Sire are nominated, and the puppy is nominated before the age of 6 months. This puppy must also be entered in a regular class at the show.  Nomination Fee: $30.00 which includes the entry fee.

If a puppy is sold, eligibility will continue to the new owner.

What are the classes for Futurity?

(Futurity class + age division must be indicated in the ‘additional class’ section on the entry form.)

Classes for both dog and bitch nominated puppies will be as follows:


Dogs 15 months of age, under 18 months         

Dogs 12months of age, under 15 months          


Dogs 9 months of age, under 12 months          

Dogs 6 months of age, under 9 months 


Dogs and bitches will be judged separately, then the winners from each class within a division (max. 4) will return for Junior Division Winner, and Senior Division Winner, respectively.

The winners of each division will then return to the ring for the selection of the Grand Futurity Winner.


35% of total monies will be retained for expenses. Of the remaining monies, 3% will go to the owner of the Sire of the Grand Futurity Winner, 5% will go to the Breeder of the Grand Futurity Winner, and 7% will go to the Owner of the Grand Futurity Winner.  The remaining monies will be divided as follows for the classes.

First Place:  in each class 40%

Second Place:  in each class 30%

Third Place:  in each class 20%

Fourth Place:  in each class 10%

FUTURITY AWARDS: Anonymously donated by an individual.

Miscellaneous Rules and Information

  • Individual PUPPY nominations for a particular specialty must be received by the Futurity director 8 weeks prior to the show
  • All nomination fees are paid to the WFTCCS. No refunds will be made
  • Futurity classes will be held on the Friday before the specialty and will have a breeder judge.
  • All Futurity entries must also be entered in a regular class at the specialty.
  • A professional handler may exhibit only if they are the breeder of the dog they are showing.
  • Champions of Record are= eligible to compete.
  • Results of each Futurity will be published for members and exhibitors, and archived, to be published in future catalogs.

Please contact Futurity Director, Elise Singer for additional information:
(217) 543-2320
or singer5@consolidated.net

Sire Nomination Form*

Dam Nomination Form*

Puppy Nomination Form*

*  Note that for 2019 there are important changes in the above three forms. They are highlighted in yellow.